Career Choices in Business

Career KeyThere are thousands of career opportunities in the business world today. In the most basic sense, businesses provide products or services to consumers resulting in the creation of a countless variety of jobs to create, market, sell and manage these products and services. Individuals can consider advancing a business career in the private or public sector.

Each career in business has its required level of education. Personal businesses need zero level of education. There are so many self-made billionaires who have never gone beyond the elementary level. The widespread nature of the enterprise world that not necessarily call for an individual to have a specific career skill.

Business Career choices

There is a broad range of corporate job choices that one can start either as self-employed or working for a particular organization. The notable options include;

– FinanceBusiness person

– Customer service representative

– Accounting

– Marketing

– Office managers

– Real Estate

– Human Resource Management

– Internet Entrepreneurship

– Sales representatives, among many other thousands of options.

10 Important Factors to Consider Before Starting Your Own Business

  1. Knowledge/Expertise

Having knowledge and expertise about the product or service you are planning to venture in are keys to a successful business. You need to be in possession of a proper understanding of what you intend to do and how you are going to go about it.

  1. Market/Demand

Explore the demand/market for the product/service you want to venture in. Certain products would only have a domestic market while others will trade in international levels. Conduct a market survey to identify the market for the business to be started.

  1. Total Project Costs

You need to have the correct assessment of the total project cost required to set up and run the business successfully. Capital intense businesses may have a very high start-up capital. For a retail business, work out the cost required for store, furniture and furnishing.

  1. Financing/Capital

After you have identified the initial costs required in setting up the business, next, you need to decide about the financing pattern. This pattern will be about capital introduction by the owner and the borrowed funds.

  1. CompetitionCareer

You need to research about information concerning market competition before entering into a new business. In case the product is a monopoly, the competition will not matter. The success of your company will depend on the demand and supply gap.

  1. Location

You need to decide on a strategic location for your business. A good location is a key to the success of your business. Some places have advantages over others and may save you on taxes, water, electricity and other bills.

  1. Laws, Rules and Regulations

To set up a new business, you will be required to comply with the set laws and regulations governing business. Each country has its laws that require new businesses to meet before registration. Noncompliance with the statutes could lead to huge fines and penalty that could hamper the success of your business.

  1. Return on Investment (ROI)

This is the net profit divided by the investment made. ROI is usually low during the initial years and is expected to grow on a yearly basis. ROI needs to be compared to the returns that would be earned from alternative business options available.

  1. Staff

Any business requires efficient manpower for successful growth. The personnel needs to be carefully chosen since they are the one who could make or break the company. The cost of manpower will vary depending on the business location and their qualifications.

  1. Technology

It is highly advisable to make a significant investment in the best technology at the time of business startup. Technology would involve plant and machinery as well as the latest office equipment and systems. A technologically oriented business is expected to perform much better in the longer run.


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