Exploring Career Opportunities in Travel Sector

Travel is an excellent career choice for those people who love to see the world while getting paid to do it. Even when you don’t want to travel on a regular basis, there are plenty of travel jobs available, where you can work from an office or even in the comfort of your home. Some travel jobs may require degrees but in most cases, many require high school diploma and a satisfactory experience.

Travel is related to tourism and is considered as one sector. Tourism is an exciting and often exciting industry that is ever growing. There are diverse opportunities in the travel industry as one can work in hospitality, cruise ships, airline, activity provider companies, tour operators, tourism bureau and many others. The pros of working in this industry are endless as can get the opportunity to travel all over the world, be it London, New York, China, Barcelona, Bejing, Sidney orĀ others. Be prepared to interact with different people with divergent cultural setups.

To excel in traveling industry, you need to have the following.

– Be able to work with all kinds of peopleAruba

– Have good communication skills

– All excellent knowledge of your country’s places of interest.

– Have remarkable organizational skills

– Be able to control groups of people and deal with unexpected emergencies or situations.

Careers in Travel Industry

  1. Travel Agent

This is a person who works with clients to help in planning and booking travel arrangements. These may include booking flights, cruises, hotel stays, tours, rental cars among others. The introduction of online travel websites enables many travelers to make reservations in an efficient manner. This booking can be facilitated by a travel agent as many travelers prefer working with someone on the ground.

  1. Tour Operator

Tour companies hire tour planners and tour operators as well as the vital support and management staff. For the tour planning and operations job, the majority of the tour companies requires those who are up for the task to have extensive knowledge of the areas being covered on the tour. These operators are also required to speak the native languages of the people living in the fields being toured.

  1. Cruise Staffflight attendant

The cruise ship jobs can either be on board a vessel or on land. Those dealing with land entail corporate and management jobs as well as reservation agents. The onboard careers include marine crew and command jobs, restaurant managers, cruise directors and housekeepers. Cruise jobs offer career paths for entertainment professionals with plenty of jobs for singers, directors, and dancers. Cruise staff have their room and board covered while on board the vessel.

  1. Airline Staff

The airline careers may include pilots, aerodynamics engineers, flight attendants, mechanics, air hostess, gate staff among others. Airline careers may also be found at hub offices with jobs in management, human resource, and reservation. The salaries are in most cases quite lucrative.

  1. Travel writer/Journalist/ Photographer/Blogger

The travel writers may work with news agencies or be freelancers. They submit their work to magazines, journals, and newspapers. Freelancers may have their blogging sites where they update information on the areas they tour. Travel writers may plan independent travels, or they may be invited to join different tours provided by a particular com[any or group. The freelance writers negotiate pay depending on the acceptance of their gig.

  1. Drivers

The travel industry has many opportunities as others may work as chauffeurs, captains for ferries and cruise ships or drivers for buses, hired cars among others.

The Demanding and Satisfying Aspects of Travel Industry

On the demanding aspect, you will b required to;

– Deal with difficult, unpleasant and over demanding people

– Work under pressure

– Work for long and irregular hours during on-seasonsNew York City

The satisfying aspect involve;

– Always meeting new people

– Overcome the challenges and variety of work.

– Know that your work has a significant impact to your country’s foreign exchange

– Deal with the various traveling opportunities.

Travel is an excellent service industry that would require you to have patience, flexibility and in possession of good interpersonal skills. Having an understanding of cultural diversity and sensitivity are critical, as travel and tourism professionals deal with different countries and cultures. One primary benefit of working in the travel sector is the opportunity to hop on a plane and see many locales. This field is international and changes with global trends.


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