Exploring Career Opportunities in Space

satelliteAre you interested in getting a job in the space industry? If you have always been fascinated with space or the idea of working in a space agency, then the following career paths may be worth your consideration. The following are some of the fields that space science workers pursue, which may you may find quite exciting, as well.


Before astronauts can even conduct space explorations, the need for a well-made spacecraft is necessary. This is why engineers are very important in the space industry since they are adept in designing and creating spacecrafts, space satellites and space stations. These professionals are responsible for contributing their skill and expertise in their field, so astronauts and scientists can analyze climate and weather conditions affecting the planet. Among the types of engineers in space science include computer engineers, aeronautical engineers, spacecraft engineers, and robotics engineers.


astronautThose who wish to become an astronaut must obtain a degree relevant to mathematics or science. Although it is not a major requirement, a Doctoral or a Master’s degree is preferred by agencies that hire astronauts. Experienced pilots also have an edge above the rest who would like to pursue this career, which means excellent visual acuity is a major plus. Moreover, weight and height requirements must be met by individuals before they can be be a part of an astronaut training program.

Space Science Technologist and Technicians

Working closely with space scientists and engineers, a space technician and technologist are professionals who determine what need to be used when performing space explorations. They help in testing, designing and creating space-related innovations and technologies. Some of the careers for these technologists include communications technicians, drafters, robotics technicians, electricians, CAD operators, radar technicians and quality assurance specialists.

Space Scientists

To ensure further improvement and advancement in various branches of science, space scientists perform comprehensive research and development while analyzing items discovered during exploration trips in space. In fact, there are now researchers focused on pharmacology who have determined interesting ways to create new medications from items found during the space exploration. Various job opportunities that await them include biologists, geologists, astrophysicists, meteorologists, and chemistry.

Indeed, there are endless opportunities that you may consider if you want to join a space agency or team. So , be sure to look into these recommended jobs and what tasks are expected from you. This way, you can have a clearer picture of the job that suits you best and relevant to your interests.


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