Exploring Career Opportunities in Law Enforcement

policeIf you want to ensure the safety of the public, it may be worth exploring further some careers in law enforcement. In fact, this field offers numerous job opportunities, considering the breakthrough in forensic technology, along with an array of career choices in the legal industry. As long as you have an educational background or professional experience in criminal justice, social work, criminology, and political science, you may qualify for a job in the law enforcement industry.

Below are among the different career options in law enforcement that you may want to look further.


A uniformed police officer works either at a municipal or local level. Their tasks vary, depending on their employment situation. For instance, they may perform policing duties such as regular patrols, crime investigations, traffic control or even providing first aid to civillians who are in an accident. As for police officers in urban areas, they do community policing to maintain a solid relationship with residents while doing their best to fight crime.

Police officers patrol and monitor particular locations such as several neighborhoods or downtown areas. While at work, officers are expected to take note of suspicious activities that happen, which can jeopardize the safety and life of the public. Thus, it is important for police officers to be completely aware of the area they are patrolling. When there are dangerous situations, they should be able to secure the people properly. They may also arrest people who are involved in a criminal activity or those who promote volatile situations and actions in the community.


As a detective, your goal is to gather evidences that are relevant to criminal cases assigned to you. To be able to do this, you need to observe suspects, conduct interviews to certain individuals, and help with busts or raids. There are also some detectives who deal with particular types of crimes including gang activity or drug trafficking. In the case of state and federal agents and detectives, they specialize in just one kind of crime. They also handle cases until these are dropped or solved upon the conviction or arrest of the criminal.

The primary investigating corps of the Federal government is the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI. These professionals perform investigation on issues linked with various crimes such as those that involves national security. As an FBI agent, your goal is to investigate terrorism, financial crimes, bribery, espionage and drug trafficking. You may also be in charge of crimes including copyright infringements, interstate criminal activity and civil rights violations.

Probation Officer

There are some criminals who do not serve prison time, and instead, they are under probation. In this case, these individuals must avoid getting themselves into trouble by complying with regulations imposed on them. Probation officers are the ones who supervise these criminals to make sure they are following the tasks assigned to them.

Just like what a probation officer does, a parole officer also supervises criminals who are on probation. However, parole officers have the special task of making sure that criminals who served prison time meet the requirements of the parole. In other states, both parole officers and probation officers perform the same roles. In rural areas, a probation officer may be in charge of supervising both adults and juvenile criminals.

The primary task of a probation officer is to conduct investigations and prepare written reports about the offenders for the Court. They may also review the decisions they have made with the families and loved ones of these offenders. It is also possible for officers to update the Court on the criminal’s compliance to the parole stipulations, as well as their progress while under rehabilitation.

Private Investigatorspi

A private investigator is one who performs surveillance techniques in conducting investigations. They may place phone calls or conduct actual visits in an individual’s workplace to learn more about his or her income or employment. Interviews may also be conducted to obtain information about the person in question, particularly when there is a need to conduct search or background checks. Investigators hired by businesses may also provide relevant information on legal, personal and finance-related concerns.

In other instances, private investigators may offer personal protection to corporate executives, businesses and celebrities. Fact verification and background checks related to law suits and child support battles may also be conducted by investigators.


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